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Tony Trischka

Tony Trischka is considered to be the consummate banjo artist and perhaps the most influential banjo player in the roots music world. For more than 45 years, his stylings have inspired a whole generation of bluegrass and acoustic musicians with the many voices he has brought to the instrument.

Tony Trischka, the man who made the banjo bigger, jazzier and more worldly brings his banjo to South-Africa for the Tony Trischka Banjo safari.

Some musicians open up whole new realms. In the world of the banjo, the music that marked the change came from Tony Trischka. Up out of bluegrass and country and then all over. To roots in Africa. To heights of jazz. Banjo, unbound. Tony Trischka set it free while also becoming known as the instruments greatest educator and teacher.

Embracing all manner of possibilities, while keeping one foot firmly planted in the traditional bluegrass roots that first inspired him to make music, Tony will be playing and teaching at the Tony Trischka Banjo safari, April 2019 in South-Africa.

“…the great banjo liberationist..”
– Tom Ashbrook (“On Point” – NPR)